AIPFE launched its first members Mentoring Program in June 2022 in an effort to connect the next generation of female leaders with successful leaders & decision-makers, to equip them with advice, valuable feedback & industry know-how.

Mentoring program 2022

AIPFE’s first mentoring program lasted for 3 months, from September to November 2022.

Our program began on the 28th of June 2022 with the call for Mentees to our members. The mentees submitted their application by the 13th of July 2022 and got matched with the mentor of their preference.

Over the course of 3 months, the mentees had the chance for 1:1 (online or offline) sessions with their dedicated mentor to pick their brain and receive feedback and valuable guidance. The timing and locations of the sessions were for the mentee and their mentor to agree on.

Meet our 2022 Mentors
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28th of June 2022- Open Call for Mentees

13th of July 2022- Deadline for the Call for Mentees

22nd August 2022- Announcement of matching process results

1st of September 2022- Beginning of the Mentoring Period

30th of November 2022- End of the Mentoring Period

1st -15th December 2022- Provide feedback on the experience

See our Program launch event at Think 30 on 27th June 2022

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