Who we are

As an organisation, our mission is to facilitate and open up the conversation about Women’s role in society. We empower, motivate and connect women to sit at the table. We organise events, workshops and lead programs that will allow us to fulfill this mission.

Our initiatives fall within the 2 broad categories: POLITICS (Society) and the ECONOMY (Leadership & STEM).


Our history

AIPFE was set up in Brussels in 1987 by Mrs. Rodi Kratsa, who was then a member and later Vice-President of the European Parliament. The Cyprus chapter was established in 2001, aiming to disseminate the idea of European citizenship and to encourage the involvement of women in civil society in Cyprus and abroad. AIPFE stands for: Association Internationale pour la Promotion des Femmes d’Europe.

Through its participation in the Femme d’ Europe award, AIPFE has also managed to promote the work of three extraordinary Cypriot women through the European network of participants: Stella Kyriakidou for her work with Europa Donna, Photini Papadopoulou for her work with the Red Cross and Tasoula Hadjitofi for her involvement in the restitution of stolen art treasures back to Cyprus.


The European-funded projects Aipfe is involved with

Women Fit 4 Business, aiming to provide necessary soft skills through training, internships and mentoring to young unemployed female university graduates to assist them in their search for employment. Participating countries include Cyprus, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Poland. Find out more about the WF4B Program run in Cyprus in collaboration with EY Cyprus.

Gender Diversity in Decision-Making Positions, focusing on mapping the local labour market in each partner country, proceeding with necessary training and the creation of a good practices manual to break down social stereotypes and make the business case for diversity at a European level. This currently runs in Italy, Austria, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Spain and Cyprus. Find out more about this Program executed in Cyprus.

AIPFE's ongoing initiatives include:

Female Empowerment Talks titled: #IncredibleWomen was launched in 2017 to highlight important initiatives by Women in Cyprus. Find out more about the series

The Panel Parity Initiative launched in 2019 aiming to catalogue female experts for consideration in conferences, seminars, debates and public dialogue. Find out more


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