The Board of Directors of AIPFE Cyprus-Women of Europe hosted a networking reception in honor of Shelly Porges, dedicated to the topic of ‘Looking Forward’ following the American elections. Porges shared leadership lessons learnt from Hillary Clinton, through an analysis of the election campaign, but also an emotional, personal journey.

Porges, Co-Founder for Entrepreneurs for Hillary, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Advocate, currently acting as business advisor to the Cyprus government, delved into the words of John Lennon ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans’ to illustrate the outcome of the US elections. Albeit an unforeseeable outcome by polls and citizens alike, Porges pointed out that the time has come to look ahead, step up and take action, both individually and collectively.

‘Fear and anger are very strong motivators’ she said ‘yet we have to be open to possibilities and serendipity, as well as address the systematic biases that exist against women.’ The event was hosted at the residence of Despina Papadopoulou, Vice President of AIPFE.

Photo Credits: Yiangos Photography

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