AIPFE Cyprus-Women of Europe and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands H.E. Nathalie Jaarsma hosted an #IncredibleWomen event dedicated to the topic ‘Knowledge, innovation, creativity – my secret weapons’ with guest speaker, Dr. Elisabeth Sahin- Georgiadou.

Dr. Sahin-Georgiadou is a horticultural botanist with a Ph.D in Taxonomy and Biosystematics from the University of Reading. Her passion for flowers began as a child, collecting wild flowers in family outings. Her work experience spans over three decades in Cyprus, the Netherlands, Greece and the United Kingdom.

She worked at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge, UK and at the Nicosia Municipality Gardens. During her Ph.D studies, Dr. Sahin-Georgiadou worked as curator for the Herbarium at the Goulandris Natural History Museum where she had the chance to work and publish articles with the most prominent European botanists.

In 1983, she joined her husband -the late Kees Sahin- at his private seed company K. Sahin Zaden B.V. in the Netherlands as co-founder and managing director until 2009, developing a company renowned worldwide for innovating Flower varieties. By 2007, the company -a breeder and developer of flower varieties grown from seeds- had the widest worldwide flower seed assortment with production in 11 countries. Their breeding was instrumental in introducing new genera and further work with established garden favorites, including many award winners.

The event, on Tuesday 31 October at the Ambassador’s private residence, marked the fourth of AIPFE’s female empowerment series, #IncredibleWomen. The series aims to inspire, motivate, connect and mobilize women and men alike to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

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