AIPFE Cyprus-Women of Europe and the Embassy of Israel in Nicosia in association with the Microsoft Innovation Center in Cyprus hosted the first Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop ‘Building your Venture in 10 Steps’ with Workshop facilitator Elena Donets, a leading figure in the Israeli Entrepreneurship scene,CEO at StarTAU and Co-Founder at StartIsrael.

The workshop was facilitated by Elena Donets on Friday, 13 May, 2016, at the European University Cyprus. Deputy-Minister to the President, Constantinos Petrides, addressed the event while Erato Aristotelous, an entrepreneur and winner of the 2014 MTN Innovation Challenge, will be a guest speaker.

What sets Israeli entrepreneurs apart from the rest is this rare quality of audacity or, as it is spelled in Hebrew, ‘ḥutspâ’,” says Donets, a genuine entrepreneur at heart. Donets is the CEO at StarTau, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, the largest and most active entrepreneurship center in Israel, established in 2009. StarTAU’s mission is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit by providing the practical training and mentorship needed to make a dream into reality.

Donets is a founder of programs and initiatives which benefit the community, such as “We Dream” Israeli Women Entrepreneurship Program. The program guides women, who have the desire to start a career in the business and entrepreneurship arena, to develop, grow, learn and acquire the best tools needed for their personal and professional development.

As the Co -Founder & COO at StartIsrael, Israel’s Entrepreneurship Portal, Donets manages all the operations including design and development, content management, business development and marketing strategies.

Donets travels internationally to mentor, advise and lecture on how to build one’ s own Entrepreneurial Eco- System, and to cultivate and motivate student communities to take their first steps into the entrepreneurial world.

The guest speaker was Erato Aristotelous, Entrepreneur- Winner of the 2014 MTN Innovation Challenge.

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