AIPFE Cyprus - Women of Europe hosted a networking event to ring in the New Year with guest speaker Natasa Loizou, MSc, who spoke on the topic of ‘A migrant woman’s journey as a pillar to life and professional development.’ The event took place at Mix ‘N’ Malt on January 17.

AIPFE President, Despina Papadopoulou welcomed AIPFE members and friends.

‘The Board of Directors thanks you for always standing by its side as your contribution is fundamental in the realization of AIPFE’s objectives she said. ‘Let us continue to work together for the vital changes that prevail, and succeed as a society in the fields of gender inequality as well as gender parity in the workplace and decision-making positions, in hope for a world defined by equality, without exclusions and stereotypes’ she underlined. ‘AIPFE-Cyprus in now in its 23rd year and we hope that each year will be more creative and productive than the previous one, towards its objectives,’ she added.

As a Cypriot who migrated to Argentina in 2006, Natasa Loizou spoke about her migrant journey, describing how she had to construct a new life, and then deconstruct her mentality in an effort to integrate into a new culture.

Constructing my identity persistently is my “Ithaka”, she explained. ‘By analysing my family trajectory, enhancing my essence, ethics and values, and elaborating on who I wish to be, I reconstruct my identity as a pillar in life,’ she added. ‘I challenge myself to face adversities, give space to my feelings, open up to the unknown and develop new capacities. I enthusiastically take the lead on my life, and motivate others to take up the challenge. And, that is my way to lead, based on identity.’

Natasa Loizou worked as a researcher and consultant on military and security affairs, research and development, public policies and strategic planning for public and private organizations in Argentina.

In 2021, Natasa achieved her highest career position as Executive Director of the National Agency of Controlled Materials. She was the first woman immigrant in Argentina and Latin America to have ever taken such an esteemed position, representing Cypriots worldwide. The destruction of over 21 tons of ammunition and over 60.000 firearms was record-breaking, recognizing her as Woman Leader of the Latin American region for the United Nations, for her innovative policies in the prevention of gender-based violence and disarmament affairs.

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