Money Mindset and Self Love - a seminar on personal financial planning

  • Do you want to improve the way you manage your money?
  • Do you want to learn more about creating wealth through healthy habits,
    self-awareness and goal setting?

Aipfe in collaboration with Cleopatra Kitti, Founder of Queensofmoney presented a seminar on personal financial planning, in its ongoing endeavour to empower, motivate and connect women.

Entitled “Money Mindset and Self Love” and powered by Deloitte Cyprus the event took place on 15 February. Participants navigated through the essential steps of money management and were able to enhance their knowledge in financial literacy, which lies at the very core of QoM.

Aipfe President Despina Papadopoulou welcomed AIPFE members and other guests, underlining that ‘our relationship with money is timeless and essential as it covers every aspect of our lives.’ She noted however that ‘it is also a significant source of stress for individuals and families alike as costs keep rising in every sector ranging from raw materials to goods, real estate, rent and services.’

QoM is an initiative that empowers women through financial awareness and education, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5, 10, and 16. Created out of a sense of purpose to share learnings, practical tips and tools, based on real- life experience, QoM equips women with the necessary skills to make good financial decisions.

'We, women are at the core of the family unit. Our dignity comes from wisdom and resilience to determine our present and our future. Money is a tool for our wellbeing,' said Cleopatra Kitti.


Cleopatra Kitti

For over 30 years, Cleopatra has been leading an international career as an advisor to international organisations and governments across Europe, Middle East, Africa, the UK and the US.

She is a Certified Independent Director (Advanced) in International Corporate Governance, INSEAD, and board member. She is the founder of The Mediterranean Growth Initiative, the only socio-economic data analysis platform for the economies of the Mediterranean; a Senior Policy Advisor at ELIAMEP (Greece’s preeminent European think tank); advisor to a leading US Oil and Gas organization and a leading US technology company.

In her long-standing Philanthropist for Peace role with the International Crisis Group, an international NGO whose mission is to promote peace and prevent conflict, she volunteered in conflict zones across Africa.

As part of Cleopatra’s work on financial literacy, she is the co-founder of “Koumanto sti Tsepi sou” the first Greek language podcast on money management.

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