AIPFE Cyprus

Who we are

As an organisation, our mission is to facilitate and open up the conversation about Women’s role in society. We empower, motivate and connect women to sit at the table.

We organise events, workshops and lead programs that will allow us to fulfill this mission.

Our initiatives fall within the 2 broad categories: POLITICS (Society) and the ECONOMY (Leadership & STEM).

Our History

AIPFE was set up in Brussels in 1987 by Mrs. Rodi Kratsa, who was then a member and later Vice-President of the European Parliament. The Cyprus chapter was established in 2001, aiming to disseminate the idea of European citizenship and to encourage the involvement of women in civil society in Cyprus and abroad.

AIPFE stands for: Association Internationale pour la Promotion des Femmes d’Europe.

Through its participation in the Femme d’ Europe award, AIPFE has also managed to promote the work of three extraordinary Cypriot women through the European network of participants: Stella Kyriakidou for her work with Europa Donna, Photini Papadopoulou for her work with the Red Cross and Tasoula Hadjitofi for her involvement in the restitution of stolen art treasures back to Cyprus.

Our Projects and Initiatives

Two European-funded projects, which the Association has been/is involved with are:

Board of Directors

Anna Koukkides Procopiou

AIPFE President

Despina Papadopoulou


Photini Kythreotou


Andrea Solomonides


Mahi Solomou
Mahi Solomou

Press Officer

Thalia Iacovou

Communications Officer

Myria Avraamidou

Learning + Training Officer

Georgia Neophytou

Events Officer

Xenia Xenofontos

Board Member

Paul Koronis

Board Member

Andri Prodromou

Board Member