PHOTINI_KythreotouPhotini joins Aipfe’s Board of Directors for a second consecutive term and holds the position of Secretary. She brings an abundance of experience in event planning and management to the team.

Photini is a graduate of the University of Pireus with a degree in Economics and a minor in Human Resources. She has worked as an Advertising and Marketing Manager for a company publishing Bridal and Christening magazines.

Her innate yearn for creativity led to the launch of her own company in 2008. The result was Champagne & Strawberries Events a creative event and wedding planning company, born from a desire to create captivating and unforgettable experiences.

Photini’s positive outlook on life is her driving force to move forward in all of life’s arenas. Her crave for knowledge, altruism and devotion to high ideals form her vital axes of life and the stirring wheel to all that she does.

She’s a firm believer that a woman’s role in a contemporary European environment is fundamental in the education, enlightment awareness and social contribution on issues such as gender equality, health, the environment and human rights.