Georgia_NeofytouGeorgia is a Board member of AIPFE Cyprus for the last six years. A graduate of Bradford University in the UK with a degree in Textiles Science and Technology, Georgia began her career in Thessaloniki as Assistant Manager at the Quality Control Department of Kazazi’s factory. She has also worked as an Assistant Manager at the Eye Laser Clinic of Dr. Tasos Georgiou. She is  the owner and manager of Laser Beauty Clinic in Nicosia with core knowledge of Aesthetic Laser and IPL. Georgia is also a member of the Nicosia LeanIN circle.

Painting is one of Georgia’s greatest passions, while she humbly admits that she’s a self taught painter. Her work has been featured in several painting and photography exhibitions.

Georgia is an avid supporter of AIPFE Cyprus. She believes that it is a networking platform, which enables you to meet and work with prominent women from across Europe, to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences which lead to the empowerment of women. She also believes that it provides her with an opportunity to develop a sense of solidarity among women in the execution of joint projects.